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Cooling Tower & Related Parts

Cooling Tower & Related Parts Cooling Tower & Related Parts



This cooling tower uses power driven fan to push or draw air through the filling of tower without being influenced by weather conditions (except for wet bulb temperature). The major principle of mechanical draft counter flow tower is that air flows upward through the filling vertically and water falls down in opposite direction, so water and air are encountered in parallel.

Model: KS 30, KS 40, KS 50, KS 60, KS 80, KS 100 etc

Product Features:

Casing The tower casing is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (F.R.P) and has sufficient strength to high wind velocities and vibration. It is resistant to local impacts and even is slight damage occurs, local repairs can easily be done.
Fill The fill is rigid poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and is honeycomb design with very large contact surface are the fill split the air and water into several streams increasing the time of contact and also heat transfer between water and air.
Sprinkler Bottle type of tower filled with automatic rotary sprinkler system with rotary head and sprinkler pipe distributes the hot water over entire space of the filter. The sprinkler head and sprinkler pipe are non clogging the sprinkler head require low pressure to operate and is made of PVC/Aluminium assure uniform wter flow with minimum head.
Fan Direct driven Axial flow for statically & dynamically balanced made out of cast aluminium alloy adjustable blades fan directly mounted on the shaft of motor ensure low running cost and the lowest possible noise level.
Motor The motor are totally enclosed weather proof motor flange type with enlarged threaded shaft. It is specially designed for cooling tower application

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