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Wet Film and Powder Coating


Wet Film & Powder Thickness

Measuring coatings before they have cured can predict the final film thickness.

Applying too much coating not only wastes time and materials, it can also affect the performance and finish of the product. Too much wet film can cause the coating to crack as it cures; too little coating increases the risk that the substrate will not be sufficiently protected, leading to rust spots.

In the powder coating industry, ensuring the end product has the correct levels of adhesion and appearance is dependent on the thickness of the powder prior to the curing process. Too much powder can lead to poor adhesion, too little can lead to a discolouration and loss in gloss of the coating.

Wet Film Combs

Wide selection of wet film combs from long edge combs to hexagonal combs through to punched aluminium combs.

Wet Film Wheels

Elcometer 3238 Long Edge Wet Film Combs

Elcometer 3233 Pfund Thickness Gauge

Elcometer 154 Plastic Wet Film Combs

Elcometer 115 Wet Film Combs

Elcometer 112AL Punched Aluminium Wet Film Combs

Elcometer 112 & 3236 Hexagonal Wet Film Combs


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