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Surface Profile Gauge


Surface Profile Gauge

Surface Profile Gauges are used to measure the profile height of a surface. The degree of the surface profile on the surface affects a coating’s overall performance and determines aspects such as adhesion, coverage and overall volume of coatings used. If the surface profile is too large the amount of coating required increases, otherwise there is a danger that the peaks remain uncoated – allowing rust spots to occur. If the surface profile is too small there may be insufficient key for adequate adhesion leading to premature coating failure.

To ensure the correct surface preparation optimises the performance of the coating and material usage, the profile height of a surface needs to be accurately assessed and measured. It is essential to know this parameter as it determines the adhesion, coverage and overall volume of coating used.

Elcometer offer a wide range of digital and mechanical Surface Profile Gages, Surface Roughness Testers, Surface Comparators and Testex Tapes, for surface profile testing or for surface roughness testing. A Surface Profile Gage helps to record and access the value from the top of the peak to the bottom of the valley measuring the profile height of a surface. A Surface Roughness Tester records and measures the roughness over a specified distance, recording peak-to-valley average. A Surface Comparator is used as a very quick guide to compare freshly blasted profiles to pre-defined profiles. The standard Surface Comparators are available as either grit, shot or sand. A Surface Profile Replica Tape (Testex Tape) is used to compress against a roughened material to replicate details of its surface roughness and is then used with a Thickness Gauge to measure the peak-to-valley height of a surface profile.

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